DIN-Rail Mount Power Supplies
H902, H910, H915, WV905, BX Series

The Model WV905, H902, H910, and H915 power supplies can be used to operate most 24V DC instruments including Action's Ultra SlimPak® and the ActionI/Q™. All models convert 110V AC to 24V DC.

WV905, in the Webview case, is ideal for use in high density or limited space installations.

Model H902 supplies up to 200mA at 24V DC, the WV905 supplies up to 500mA at 24V DC, the H910 supplies up to 1000mA at 24V DC and the H915 supplies up to 2300mA at 24V DC. All models feature an LED power indicator and multiple wire terminal connections (except on the H910). The H902, H910 and H915 offer input fuse protection. The output section for each model features DC short circuit protection. The WV905 input is varistor protected.


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